Facebook has created a new group for the Metaverse project
Facebook has created a new group for the Metaverse project

In anticipation of the next big change in digital connectivity, Facebook has created a new set of Metaverse products focused on creating a greater platform direction in the evolving space, including content creation tools, virtual frames, advanced social features, etc.

For many years, Facebook Labs has focused on developing products that convey a sense of presence in the digital space. Today's Oculus portal and hardware can take you and someone else into a room or into a new virtual world and experience no matter the physical distance.

But in order to achieve Facebook's full vision of the Metaverse, connective tissue must also be created between these spaces. This allows you to remove and switch between physical restrictions as easily as moving from one room in the house to another.

The new project team is working hard to create significant key figures in the current focus on social media.

As the company introduces the next stage of digital connectivity, the Metaverse concept will play an important role as the platform aims to promote new forms of online interaction based on your digital self.

Essentially, the Metaverse is a virtual world where your digital characters can exist and interact in a variety of ways in a whole new space.

Various versions have been developed over time, including projects such as Second Life and VR Space. However, Metaverse is a more comprehensive version that makes you feel like you are with other people in a larger digital space.

Facebook focuses on the metaverse

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the importance of the Metaverse in the company's plans last week. “Metaverse is an industry-wide vision,” he said.

"You can think of it as a successor to the mobile internet," he added. It is not something developed by just any company, we hope to work with many other companies, creators and developers to develop it.

Zuckerberg has indicated that over the next five years he expects Facebook to become a Metaverse and the digital world integrating all of Facebook's different tools and platforms into a richer and more comprehensive experience.

Since companies have tremendous power in our daily lives and investments, it can also cause a certain level of anxiety. But that's Zuckerberg's vision, the job of this new project team is to grow and take the next step.

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