Apple ignores the exploitation of workers in suppliers' factories
Apple ignores the exploitation of workers in suppliers' factories

According to a new report from Business Insider, workers who repair Apple devices at a Houston plant are working under operating conditions.

Workers' toilets are reported to be unsanitary, facilities inadequate, and air-conditioning. In addition, CSAT solutions also offer maintenance partners to technology companies such as Apple.

The report indicated that workers are not allowed to use mobile phones at work, including in personal or family emergencies.

Working conditions at CSAT Solutions surprised some employees as they expected an environment consistent with Apple's brand reputation.

Salaries range from $12 to $14 an hour, and there is little hope of a salary increase or promotion.

A representative from CSAT Solutions said the company has high working standards. The company takes pride in the opportunities it offers to its employees, takes allegations seriously, and investigates complaints.

Apple said in a statement: It is investigating these allegations and aims to ensure that everyone in its supply chain is protected and treated with dignity and respect.

According to the report, employees feel that their concerns and previous reports to upper management have been ignored.

According to Apple, it has evaluated the Houston CSAT solutions site several times in the past few years. But she did not discuss her results.

However, the practice of visiting iPhone manufacturers and inspecting the supplier's facilities seemed so common that the supplier was able to cover up the facts.

Apple ignores worker exploitation

The report includes the stories of several employees who had to conduct inspections in strict compliance with regulations in the presence of Apple auditors.

The iPhone maker claims to have the highest standards in the industry. It added that there is a page on its website that discusses the responsibilities of the supplier.

However, the company's suppliers are accused of poor working conditions at the plant. In December 2020 alone, there were three stories of forced labor, labor law violations and wage cuts.

The report also raised concerns about temporary staffing agencies using CSAT solutions to hire workers.

According to the iPhone Manufacturers Code of Conduct and Supplier Responsibility, its standards also apply to subcontractors. Their suppliers are also required to ensure the compliance of the companies they do business with.

Additionally, Apple's standards state that working hours must be limited to 60 hours, including overtime.

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