Google faces lawsuit over App Store commissions
Google faces lawsuit over App Store commissions

A coalition of attorneys general has filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the search engine giant of abusing its control of the Android app store.

The lawsuit was filed in federal courts in 36 states in California and Washington, DC.

The lawsuit challenges the search giant's policy that Android app developers must pay 30% commission on sales made through the app.

The search giant recently expanded its commissions to cover more digital products in the store, paying particular attention to some well-known apps that have helped avoid taxes.

In addition, the full lawsuit lists defendants such as Google, Alphabet and affiliates in Ireland and Asia.

Google wrote a blog post in response to the lawsuit: A group of plaintiffs decided to sue and attack a system that offers more openness and choice than other systems.

"The complaint mimics a similar, baseless lawsuit from leading app developer Epic Games, which used Android's openness to distribute the Fortnite app outside of our store."

In August, Fortnite developer Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the search giant for similar reasons. Allegations that the company's practices have led to price increases on consumers on the Internet. Although the lawsuit was covered by an Epic Games lawsuit against Apple and its App Store.

However, a prosecutor's case against a particular state regulator could be larger.

Google faces new lawsuits

When the lawsuit was filed, federal pressure on Google increased. She faced three antitrust lawsuits. Including the ongoing case in which the Ministry of Justice accuses the company of monopoly in advertising on the search engine.

Compared to Apple's iOS, Android is generally considered to be less of an antitrust threat. This is because Google Play Store is not required as the only software source on the phone.

However, Apple is facing increasing pressure that calls into question many aspects of the Google Play Store's commission structure.

In addition, lawmakers have questioned the ability of Apple and Google to set the App Store as the default store on all devices.

Recently, the search giant teamed up with Apple to cut commissions for junior developers to 15%. The move is widely seen as a response to increased public pressure.

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