Google is rethinking its emojis to make them more universal
Google is rethinking its emojis to make them more universal

Google announced that it has revamped 992 emoji designs to make them more versatile and accessible.

The new version will be released in the fall with Android 12. However, Google said it will also be available in the older version which includes apps that use its Appcompat compatibility layer.

The improved emoji will arrive on other Google platforms this month, such as Gmail, Chrome OS, Google Chat, and YouTube Live Chat.

There is no drastic change. On the contrary, these are essentially units that make the meaning of each emoji easier to understand for a wide range of people at a glance.

In some cases, Google has changed their designs with a bolder look, which is useful considering they're small on most screens.

The growing emojis are now shinier and scissors have sharper edges. The proportions of vehicles such as cars and taxis have also been changed to make them more attractive.

The emoji mask now shows a face with open eyes. Google said the change was made to reflect the fact that masks have become a common way of showing goodwill to others rather than being a symbol of someone's illness.

Google is rethinking its emoji

It is not uncommon for companies to redesign emojis to correct errors or reverse cultural assumptions about their use.

Apple made similar tweaks to its emoji mask last year to display a smiling face under the mask. She also changed the injection emoji to make it more appropriate as a vaccine symbol.

In 2019, after people reported problems with its outdated design, he updated his machine emojis. In response to the 2017 protests, Google also redesigned Hamburg's emoji.

Note that this year's World Emoji Day falls on July 17. The shortlist for this year's new emoji pack has already been announced.

Facebook has released a new series of icons with sounds for its messaging service. Microsoft has also introduced a new line of 3D icons in Windows, Office, and Microsoft Teams.

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