Google officially announces the end of Android Jelly Bean release
Google officially announces the end of Android Jelly Bean release

Although the manufacturer works without very old hardware as long as there are still enough users to prove that maintenance efforts are reasonable, Google has maintained support for the Android version for nearly ten years.

The Android operating system is often criticized for its fragmentation. But this fragmentation has positive side effects.

However, when Google announced that it would end support for Google Play Services for devices still running Android 2012, the Android version of Jelly Bean appeared to have expired.

Jelly Bean offers several Android versions of the same name from Android 4.1 to Android 4.3.

Jelly Bean appeared when Android was still in rapid development. The release does not appear to be progressing at a steady pace.

Jelly Bean is also a very large version with an improved holo user interface and some changes like Bluetooth Low Energy support.

Google announced that Android 4.1 through Android 4.3 now make up less than 1% of active devices.

This makes it possible to freely modify the support for Android API levels (16-18).

Due to the modular nature of Android, Google Play Services still supports these devices, which may surprise some people.

The company said that the Android Jelly Bean platform was first launched 9 years ago. Since then, Android has received many improvements and features, but not all of them have been ported to Jelly Bean.

"This increases developer time on new features that require special handling," she added. As a result, we will discontinue support for Jelly Bean in future versions of Google Play Services.

Google announces the end of Jelly Bean

Google Play's own services exist separately from the open source Android platform, and the search giants can maintain support for older devices separately, usually through compatibility libraries.

The company clarified that after the release of version 21.30.99, which is scheduled for release in late August 2021, it will not support devices running the Jelly Bean version.

This does not mean that these devices will stop working immediately. But you can see some strange things happen, especially those that depend on Google Play Services. You may not be able to use the Store.

App developers recommend Android API Level 19, also known as Android 4.4 KitKat, as the minimum target version of their apps.

This means that apps updated to this version will no longer be visible or installable on devices still using Jelly Bean.

Developers can still publish APK files of these deprecated versions. However, the company hopes that anyone will be able to upgrade to a supported version of Android.

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