Google reveals the security part of the recommended app
Google reveals the security part of the recommended app

Google first revealed the development and design of its upcoming Android App Store security section, which provides insights into app data collection practices, privacy and security.

The company recently announced plans to roll out a new security zone on Google Play to provide more information about the app data it collects and shares, as well as other security and privacy details.

In May of this year, Google stated that the security part should easily tell users how apps handle their data so that they can make informed decisions.

It indicates that app developers should tell users if the app:

  •     Use security practices such as b- data encryption.
  •     Follows Google Play Family Policy for Kids Apps.
  •     Users can share data.
  •     The third party checks the security part of the app.
  •     The app allows users to request data deletion during uninstall.

Developers can now see the impact of this feature on end users. In the field of security, users can see the developer's explanation of the data collected by the application and other details, each with its own icon as a visual indicator.

When users click on the summary, they can see more detailed information, such as data collected or shared, financial information, etc.

You can also find out how the data is used and whether data collection is voluntary.

The company clarified in May that developers can release security information from October through April next year.

Although Google said the design could change. But the posted screenshot shows the security area above the rating and comment area in the list.

Google offers the suggested security part

Google hopes to give developers enough time to prepare for these changes. Because of this, it is now sharing more information about definitions of data types and policy requirements for new features.

In October 2021, developers will be able to submit their information for review in the Google Play Console before the planned launch of the Google Play Security Zone in the first quarter of 2022.

The company also stressed that it will have some free time scheduled after the establishment of the department. This was before Google approved the app for its security service.

However, the company said that the application should be approved by the second quarter of 2022. Otherwise, there is a risk that the application will be refused or the application will be updated. If the app does not provide a certified security part, the app will display: No information available.

This change highlights the number of active developers on Google Play. In fact, they are the ones who agree to the new policy and show how their apps collect and use data.

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