Car companies leave Tesla alone before accident law
Car companies leave Tesla alone before accident law

Tesla is a leading automaker offering fully electric cars with self-driving functionality. This is something other automakers want to offer. But due to the new accident law, he quickly withdrew.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has passed a new law.

The law requires companies that offer all or part of their self-driving cars to report any accident they encounter during the day.

The law is directed against Tesla and Waymo, which are primarily owned by Google.

This new law clearly expresses the importance of regulators for this new type of car.

Use Tesla, Emo and other companies

So far, other automakers have only looked at it from a generic perspective. The new NHTSA law focuses on the safety and transparency of accidents caused by faulty autonomous driving systems (including full maturity and driver assistance).

Waymo is facing the same problems as Tesla. Since this company offers completely autonomous cars, there is no driver in the car.

Other automakers declined to comment separately on the new law. Feedback is provided by the Automotive Innovation Alliance, an alliance of most major auto companies.

The coalition issued a statement after the new law was announced. He explained how important it is for users to understand the limitations of technology in their cars and the level of danger before taking advantage of them.

Of course, the ADAS self-driving system is also criticized.

The system provided by Tesla is different from that of a regular car. For example, General Motors and Ford Motors offer systems to monitor driver attention and attention on the road, while Tesla offers partially or fully autonomous driving.

Tesla appears to be the main target of this new law. Especially since Elon Musk has more than once resisted legal pressure and demanded more accurate driver monitoring systems.

And Tesla seems to have stuck with it. The latest OS update uses a camera above the windshield to track the driver's attention, just like other vehicle systems.

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