Google wants to encourage developers to use Stadia
Google wants to encourage developers to use Stadia

Google hopes to make Stadia more attractive to developers and publishers by announcing new revenue-sharing terms.

Behind the scenes, players of games released on Stadia after October 1 get 85% of the revenue, while Google gets 15%.

Prize for the first $3 million in sales. It will apply until the end of 2023, after which Stadia will return to the current distribution of income.

Starting this month, new games added to the Stadia Pro line (the library of games included in the subscription) as part of the terms of the update will receive a commission on a monthly subscription of $10.

Google shares 70% of its revenue with publishers and distributes it based on player participation.

Google uses so-called "session days" as the main character. Each day a user plays a game in Stadia Pro counts as a session day. If someone played the game twice in 24 hours, that would still be a session day.

Google announced this in the opening speech of the Google Games Summit. Developers and publishers visit Stadia by clicking on the read link and become a paid Stadia Pro subscriber after a one-month trial period. Each user can get $10.

Google wants to encourage developers to use Stadia

The idea is to get developers and publishers to promote Stadia Pro games where users can click on links. The plan is scheduled to start early next year.

While all of these changes will benefit developers and publishers, the 85/15 split may be the most tempting.

Like the first million dollars in commission cuts Apple earns each year from selling on the App Store, the move primarily benefits independent studios and publishers.

This method can be useful in Stadia. The Epic Games Store and Xbox PC Store accounted for 12% of sales. Steam and gaming platforms typically make up 30%.

Stadia has been in an uproar for the past few months. Google closed its game studio in February. It turned Stadia into a third-party game streaming platform.

Perhaps strengthening publisher-developer relationships with better financial terms can help Google retain them.

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