Instagram starts a security check to protect the account
Instagram starts a security check to protect the account

Instagram has introduced Security Check, a new feature that helps users protect their accounts on the platform.

Security controls guide people whose accounts may have been compromised through the steps needed to protect them.

This includes checking login activity, viewing account information, verifying which account shared the login information, and updating contact information used to restore the account such as contact details.

People with previously hacked accounts will see a prompt when logging in asking if they want to make a security clearance.

Instagram is also planning to add support for two-factor authentication via WhatsApp so that if you use WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp numbers in some countries to protect your account in the coming weeks.

You can also enable two-factor authentication using your phone number or an authentication app (such as Duo Mobile or Google Identity Verification).

The platform said that accounts claiming to be Instagram in direct messages increased slightly so that people could share their passwords.

The platform only sends emails. You can verify that the email is real by looking at the Instagram Email tab in Settings.

Instagram has new features

On the other hand, the platform stated that automatic translation of feed posts will be introduced soon, which is useful news for many content creators.

Last September, the platform added a new option for automatic subtitles downloaded from IGTV. Improves accessibility.

This functionality was then expanded to Stories in May of this year. This makes it easy for users to add text to their video images across multiple screens.

The platform is now trying to make its automatic translation tool available for regular broadcast posts as well.

This adds a new way to deliver messages. It provides another option to improve accessibility and increase ratings in audio and sound environments.

This can be a huge driving force that expands user options while reducing the workload for content creators. No need to add subtitles and encoding in the video yourself.

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