Instagram between a lot of influencers and poor viewership
Instagram between a lot of influencers and poor viewership

Instagram has gone through many changes in its life cycle. Whether it was after the multibillion-dollar Facebook acquisition many years ago or before. But it's still hard to tell if Instagram has changed from its first location? Or did the user change?

There is no doubt that millennials attach great importance to Instagram. But this generation is now heading into the Middle Ages at lightning speed. Uploading a selfie can be an important task that takes time and effort, and it isn't. Or they may feel embarrassed. As a result, most users see a significant decrease in their friends' posts and an increase in posts that actually interest them, rather than posts from brands, influencers, etc.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic hits one of the most important reasons for posting photos and videos on Instagram. He brags and flaunts. Due to the epidemic, users cannot enter restaurants, public places, gatherings and other places. This is fertile ground for posting great pictures on Instagram.

Boredom on Instagram

Max Reed, former editor-in-chief of The Joker. He wrote last year that he quit Instagram in early 2020 after the app got boring. Especially considering home blocking in general, this is a common case where users feel the platform has become boring.

This general feeling can be seen in the amount of time users spend on the network. For example, in the United Kingdom, users between the ages of 18 and 24 use the platform for ten and a half minutes a day. That comes from September last year's statistics. That time was up to 15 minutes ago, especially the year prior to this year being 2019.

This is in stark contrast to the Instagram slump. The same percentage of users spend more than half an hour using Tik Tok every day. On YouTube, all of the above appeared in Ofcom reports for more than an hour and were reported by the Financial Times platform.

Instagram, founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, isn't just about sharing photos. Instead, its main function is to apply optimized filters to photos in real time in seconds. In this way, every user with a smartphone can post beautiful pictures. After 2010 in particular, photo editing is of course not as easy as it is now.

The danger of the platform

Over time, Instagram gained more than 1 billion active users in 2018. But Instagram's original goal of posting great photos is flawless and getting more and more dangerous. Because the performance of the platform in the case of negative emotions is greater than its contribution as a communication platform. Not to mention, the platform is more about getting attention than sharing photos.

It becomes more satisfying over time. Because people are extravagant and trying to look good! This has actually led to a huge increase in plastic surgery! This eventually led to the concept of Instagram Face!.

In 2018, after destroying the main idea, the founders of Instagram completely left the company, and here Facebook began adding more “features” and functionality to the photo and video network! Including the ability to view purchase links, additional video features, and other typically monetized features, nothing more.

And the platform has always made users feel that other users of the platform are living a better life and living a better life! It's still the same, there are a lot of influencers, a lot of beautiful people, fewer and fewer posts from friends and people we care about, a lot of ads and trying to sell!

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