Reasons why millions of devices don't support Windows 11
Reasons why millions of devices don't support Windows 11

Millions of users around the world are waiting for the official version of Windows 11. Microsoft recently announced a new version of the system, although Windows 10 is expected to be the last.

Windows 11 has dozens of unique features. Including small and fast background updates to improve game support performance. Most importantly, Android apps are fully supported, and no external emulator or software is required.

The requirements to run the new system will not differ much from those of Windows 10. Although the new system is relatively new, millions of devices around the world will not support its operation. The direct reason why the system is not supported on all devices is that the system requires a certain amount of power from the processor. In addition to the special specifications that make it possible to offer a high level of security. As far as we know, the system will not run on Intel 7th generation or earlier, nor on AMD Ryzen 1000 or earlier!

Does not support Windows 11

On the other hand, in addition to the processor, the system also needs a TPM 2.0 chip in order to function. This chip must be connected to the motherboard, but many devices do not support it beforehand and need to be changed and added. Some devices may not be allowed to add at all.

The 7th generation Intel Ryzen 1000 processor can still support the chip despite its age. However, Windows 11 does not support this. And in the eyes of users around the world, Microsoft hopes to be able to "withhold" the benefits of the new system from them.

An interview with a Microsoft executive. He emphasized that in addition to another technology called Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity (HVCI), the system must also enable a hardware simulation technology called Virtualization-Based Security (VBS).

These technologies must be enabled in the presence of the TPM chip mentioned above to provide excellent security and protection in Windows 11, some devices are above average.

The goal is to sell more computers

Some people think that the main goal of these changes is to sell more computers. That is, for users of relatively old devices, it pushes them to buy new computers in order to take advantage of Windows 11. But Microsoft completely denies this saying that the goal is security, protection and performance.

According to an official statement, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 has these security updates that rely on TPM chips etc.

Many users suspect that older devices can't really offer these functions. Here it was confirmed in the same interview. Intel processor belongs to the eighth generation and later. Ryzen Zen 2 and later from AMD, as well as 7th and 8th generation Qualcomm processors, have the perfect hardware and enough to deliver superior performance in terms of security, reliability, and performance. Unlike the previous generation.

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