Kensington StudioCaddy organizes Apple devices
Kensington StudioCaddy organizes Apple devices

Following the latest release of StudioDock (a stand that turns the iPad Pro into a mini desktop), Kensington launched StudioCaddy for $179.99 to expand its focus on Apple products.

StudioCaddy wants to be the place where all your Apple devices come together.

StudioCaddy consists of two magnetically connected halves. The first half is a simple metal stand that you can put your MacBook in, and there's also an external shelf that holds your iPad.

The bottom is attached to the front and houses two Qi wireless charging devices, one vertical for the iPhone and one horizontal, with a slit that you can insert the AirPods case into.

You can use StudioCaddy with many combinations of Windows PCs, tablets, Android phones, and Qi wireless headphones.

Kensington focuses on the Apple ecosystem as the full name of this product is StudioCaddy, which provides Qi wireless charging for Apple devices.

StudioCaddy is a versatile, space-saving solution that maximizes office space while keeping all devices in the Apple ecosystem charged, organized, and close at hand.

StudioCaddy organizes Apple devices

StudioCaddy is very suitable for use at home and in the office. StudioCaddy reduces clutter and provides a convenient solution for centralized display and storage of Apple devices.

StudioCaddy is equipped with two Qi chargers and multiple USB-C and USB-A ports. This ensures that all of the user's mobile devices are fully charged and ready for use when needed.

Kensington also includes a replaceable part that can be used to elevate the phone to raise the wireless charging coil to the appropriate height. Recommended for smaller phones like iPhone SE or iPhone 11 Pro.

Kensington said, “Many consumers have become dependent on the Apple ecosystem to stay connected and get information about different devices.”

In addition to the ease of instant access to information and synchronization of communication services between devices. The confusion comes from a number of chargers and cables.

StudioCaddy integrates all devices into a simple, uncluttered and functional technology hub that complements Apple's design elements.

Additionally, StudioCaddy is compatible with most iPhone cases, most iPad cases, the Apple Magic Keyboard, and the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.

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