TAG Heuer announces the Super Mario smartwatch
TAG Heuer announces the Super Mario smartwatch

A few days ago, TAG Heuer released a trailer for the Super Mario watch.

Supposedly, a Swiss-made mechanical watch is under development. However, a limited edition TAG Heuer Connected Wear OS smartwatch has been reported.

It appears TAG Heuer itself hasn't released details yet, and its website is still citing the July 15th announcement. However, some news outlets have published reports on the main functions of the device.

Except for a few minor changes to the look of the 45mm case, the device itself appears to be the same, including the M Mario logo on the dial.

This watch has two straps: one made of perforated red rubber and the other made of red rubber and black leather.

Designed to use the in-game reward system, with Super Mario and Mushroom Kingdom-themed animations as encouragement, this watch will play as you achieve your goals at different times of the day.

"Super Mario's upbeat and energetic personality encourages those who wear this smartwatch to exercise as well," the company said.

There are four new Super Mario watch faces, including a stopwatch face, with retro elements from the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros. And Mario, all in pixels. The steel material on the surface of other smartwatches is different.

Tag Heuer Super Mario watch

This watch has a 430 mAh battery. The company said it should be able to offer 6-20 hours of battery life depending on usage.

This is partly due to the inclusion of GPS and heart rate monitors.

TAG Heuer has announced that it will make these Mario features available in other versions of TAG Heuer Connected at a later date.

This can be useful news for people who buy the latest version, which starts at $1,800 and can go up to $2,350.

The new Mario watch sits at the top of the Connected collection and costs $2,150.

TAG Heuer produces only 2000 models. Starting July 15, it will be available in select stores and websites in certain regions.

Nintendo is far from using its intellectual property. But in recent years his approach has softened. Brand partnerships are accepted in ways they have avoided in the past.

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