Programming language: Python may soon outperform C and Java
Programming language: Python may soon outperform C and Java

C and Java are still the most popular programming languages ​​in the Tiobe programming community index. But Python will likely take center stage in the future.

According to the Tiobe Programming Community Index, the index of the most popular programming languages, as of July 2021, the most popular programming languages ​​are C, Java, and Python.

While the ranking is unchanged, the Tiobe Index indicates that the apparent difference in popularity between C and Python is very small at only 0.67%.

"This means that the next few months are important," he said. And it seems that Python has a chance to become the number one programming language. Thanks to its leadership in data mining and artificial intelligence market.

The Tiobe Index is based on search terms used by developers, scientists, students, and software engineers in world-renowned search engines.

This is a different approach from developer analyst RedMonk, who used Stack Overflow Q&A to examine language use in software projects and discussions on GitHub.

In the RedMonk Q1 2021 ranking, JavaScript takes first place, followed by Python and Java.

The C programming language, developed nearly 50 years ago at Bell Labs, is the backbone of programmers who write machine code.

Compared to last July, search volume for C decreased by 4.83%. During this time, searches for Java decreased by 3.93%, while searches for Python increased by 1.86%.

The top 10 programming languages ​​after C, Java, and Python are C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Assembly Language, and SQL.

Most popular programming languages

Rust has another interesting touch. It is a programming language created in Mozilla to provide memory security guarantees that C and C++ lack.

Tech giants are watching Rast as they struggle to keep up with the number of vulnerabilities, most of which have to do with memory.

The language is very popular in system and infrastructure programming and is supported by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

There is now a lot of motivation behind Rust. Including Google's efforts to make it the main language of the Android operating system. It is promoted to become the second language for Linux kernel development.

Rust fell from 30th to 27th on the Tiobe Index, while Microsoft's JavaScript group fell from 45th to 37th.

Since Python can outperform Java and C primarily, Microsoft has endorsed it as part of the Azure strategy.

The company hired language developer Guido van Rossum, who said Microsoft gave them the decision to improve Python's performance. Van Rossum admits that the snake consumes a lot of memory and energy.

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