Nintendo releases a new Switch with an OLED screen
Nintendo releases a new Switch with an OLED screen

Nintendo has released a new Switch with a 7-inch OLED screen and a 720p resolution.

I have rumors that my new device is making a new Nvidia chip. But that doesn't seem to happen.

Listen for support upgrade about 1080p TV mode support. Because of the previous NVIDIA chip, there are rumors pointing to 4K.

The new Switch model will hit the market on October 8th for $350.

In addition to the new screen, this modified model offers a cross-adjustable gaming stand, 64GB of internal memory, a new internal battery interface and improved audio or multi-game play.

The company only plays 1080p games via HDMI in TV-only TV-only mode, so the supposed 4K mode is not OLED

The battery life of the new device indicates that the number of batteries in the upcoming new device will be 9 hours and the original switching time.

The new equipment is slightly longer than the original equipment and also weighs 0.29 kg and 0.32 kg more than the original.

A lot of rumors have been circulating about the Switch lately, and the update is the company's pick after its E3 demo, which focuses on Switch gaming.

According to reports, the new convertible devices could hit the market during last month's E3 event.

The new Switch was launched almost two years after the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is a smaller, cheaper switch that doesn't plug into the TV.

Switch Lite debuted in September 2019 at $199.

Nintendo announces the new Switch

Switch Sales, the platform is expected to be sold in the US for approximately two consecutive years.

Since its launch in 2017, Switch sales have reached 10,000 units and nearly 8 Wii platforms have achieved 101.63 million units.

The updated Switch model is expected to have text-graphic sales closer to the Wii.

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