Surface Duo 2 comes with a new triple camera
Surface Duo 2 comes with a new triple camera

Microsoft is preparing to launch the second generation Surface Duo 2 later this year. What appears to be a leak online is an image display of a nearly completed prototype. This dual-screen device incorporates a new triple camera system.

The leaked image first appeared on a YouTube video last month. Windows Central claims that this is true.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is expected to launch in September or October.

From a hardware point of view, the new device's camera system appears to be the most significant change. There are rumors of zoom, ultra-wide angle, and standard lenses.

The leaked image shows a bump on the back of the device, just like in many current Android software.

It also appears that Microsoft has moved the fingerprint reader to the power button and is focusing on creating a USB-C port on the bottom right of the device.

The Surface Duo 2's overall design tweak is relatively minor, and the biggest changes are the camera system and internal specs.

There are rumors that the device includes Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 processor, supports 5G networks, and an NFC chip for contactless payments.

Surface Duo 2 comes with a new triple camera

Microsoft can slightly increase the screen size of the device, the borders become thinner and two colors can be chosen black and white.

Microsoft seems to be insisting on using separate screens on the new devices. So instead of opting for a foldable screen like Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This means that the focus is on how well Microsoft can improve the Surface Duo 2 software.

Compared to the original equipment, the second generation equipment is a huge improvement in materials, it comes with outdated specifications and no basic hardware features.

In addition, the original equipment has many software updates. But Android 11 hasn't been released yet.

As a result, the original device often encounters issues such as multitasking, gestures, book mode screen, and fingerprint reader lock.

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