Tik Tok remains the most downloaded app
Tik Tok remains the most downloaded app

The latest sensor tower data shows that despite various concerns over content, data security issues and other lawsuits, TikTok once again maintained its leadership position and became the most downloaded game in June 2021 as the standalone app.

This means that Tik Tok has maintained its number one position over the past 18 months with two exceptions. In November last year, WhatsApp briefly regained the lead. In January of this year, Telegram downloads increased.

Tik Tok was the most downloaded offline app in the world in June 2021 with over 65 million installs.

The country with the largest number of TikTok installations is China with 13%. Indonesia is closely followed by 12%.

Sensor Tower has the Chinese version of the Douyin app and these numbers may need to be separated. This is because the two are separate entities depending on byte bounce.

However, the continued popularity of short video apps is puzzling, especially when you consider that they are mostly new users.

Tik Tok continues

While it is assumed that everyone interested in the app has downloaded it by now, this is clearly not the case.

This is also due to the platform's growing popularity, younger user base, and focus on expanding into new markets.

TikTok has largely eluded Facebook's influence by rapidly expanding its global reach. This makes it attractive in regions such as Indonesia, South Korea, and across Europe.

In October last year, the platform announced that it would hire about 3,000 additional engineers over the next three years. It is building new operations centers in Europe, Canada and Singapore.

This platform has helped maintain the growth momentum that the platform is now aiming for in the e-commerce space. This can generate significant revenue for the company itself and its stars to maintain their loyalty.

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