Windows has maintained its leadership position for two decades
Windows has maintained its leadership position for two decades

If you have a computer, it is most likely running Windows, an operating system that Microsoft has provided since 1985.

Windows still accounts for 83% of the PC market, according to data from technology company Gartner.

Although people bought new Macs with weak arm chips and some students and company employees bought Chromebooks during the pandemic, it happened.

Since Gartner was founded in 2000, Microsoft's operating system has maintained the number one position for at least the past ten years.

Today, the operating system accounts for 14% of Microsoft's total revenue and has historically been more profitable than the rest of the $2 trillion company.

Microsoft will take advantage of this as the operating system progresses. So with the announcement of Windows 11 on June 24, the company once again worked hard to update the operating system.

New system requirements may cause some users to purchase new computers that can run Windows 11. This improves permissions for the Microsoft operating system.

Windows registry isn't always perfect. It requires several versions to be comparable with previous DOS systems. Some versions, including Windows 8 and Vista, have received poor reviews.

Microsoft thinks about Windows

When smart phones appeared in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Microsoft cannot achieve the same reach that computers do. “We missed the phone wave,” said Youssef Mahdi, a corporate vice president who has worked at Microsoft for nearly 30 years.

But over the years, Microsoft has made its operating system more user-friendly, added extra features like the Start menu, and offered free upgrades.

While many companies are used to using operating systems with other Microsoft products. Adherence to the system is clear. Thus, Windows can evolve.

Microsoft hopes to continue this growth. Hence, it adds one of the Chromebook features that the Android app is to Windows 11.

The store allows the computer to display the new version of the operating system in a timely manner.

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