Tesla starts FSD program Beta 9
Tesla starts FSD program Beta 9

Tesla has begun sending out software updates for the Beta 9 from its fully autonomous driving program (FSD), its non-autonomous but advanced driver assistance system.

As promised by Elon Musk, the 2021.4.18.12 software update has already arrived. This allows thousands of Tesla owners who have purchased the fully automated driving option to access this feature. This allows the driver to use many of the advanced autopilot features to assist the driver on slow local roads.

Musk promised a Beta 9 release of the software some time ago. He said in 2018 that the much-anticipated version of the fully automated driving would be put on the market in August.

He did so again in 2019, and announced that a year later, more than a million cars would be equipped with a fully autonomous driving program.

Earlier this month, it was claimed that the Beta 9 will ship soon.

Musk's reaction to preparing for the prime time beta has been mixed. He tweeted that Beta 9 fixed most known issues. But there are unknown problems.

"Safety is always a top priority at Tesla," he added. The release notes included with the update warn testers that in the worst case, an error might occur.

It also mentions driver monitoring via the cabin camera to check for increased interest, as well as larger, newer visualization via the on-board display.

Compared to its competitors, Tesla is more willing to work with its customers to beta test the autopilot feature to collect data and troubleshoot the system.

Most Tesla customers agree. They often ask Musk to join the company's early access program for beta testers.

This helps build Tesla's public image as a leader in autonomous driving, despite the fact that its cars go against the consensus of most experts when it comes to defining self-driving vehicles.

Tesla's Complete Autonomous Driving Program

Tesla warned drivers to keep an eye on the road and always keep their hands on the steering wheel. Although the automaker refuses to put in place a stronger driver monitoring system to ensure its customers adhere to safety protocols.

Autopilot is part of the SAE Tier 2 automated system. This requires the driver to place their hands on the steering wheel and keep their eyes on the road.

However, consumer advocates have proven that the Tesla system can be tricked into believing that someone is in the driver's seat.

It caught people's attention again after the fatal Tesla accident in Texas. According to the authorities, no one drove.

Since Tesla launched the autopilot system in 2015, at least 11 people have died in 9 accidents involving driver assistance systems in the United States. At least 9 people were killed in 7 other accidents around the world.

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