Amazon sellers are after you to delete negative reviews
Amazon sellers are after you to delete negative reviews

Some Amazon sellers follow up on customers who leave negative reviews and ask them to remove posts. This came from a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Corporate sellers sometimes offer customers refunds in excess of the original product.

When buying merchandise through a company, e-commerce giants don't always make sales. It is estimated that half of all products sold through the company come from outside sellers.

The company said that this is just a channel between buyers and sellers, and if a third-party product is defective, the company will not be liable.

Third Party Providers should not send emails to corporate clients directly outside the Platform. However, reports show that some sellers can find ways to reach buyers who leave negative product reviews.

Some companies offer email retrieval service to buyers as a seller service.

The newspaper interviewed an Amazon customer who bought a 4.5-star product in March. He said the producer didn't play his part. Wrote negative reviews about Amazon.

A week later, someone claimed to work for the brand that made the product, emailed them, offered a full refund, and asked them to remove the hold.

The newspaper also said the company will assume he hasn't seen the email and will keep calling him if he's not ready to go to work.

When a customer requested a refund but kept the rating, the company said removing the rating would return twice the value of the item.

The email mentioned that the bad reviews are a fatal blow to us.

The customer said the company emailed him information about the exam for several months, most recently in July.

The customer reported the problem to Amazon. But nothing happened until the newspaper contacted Amazon to inform it of the listing's removal.

Another customer mentioned that if they rate the product negatively, they will get a similar offer. The seller offered him a refund of $40 for the $17 product.

The paper also found indications of similar selling strategies in comments under Amazon products. One of the comments read: the seller is offering $20-30 to remove negative reviews. The other said, the product doesn't work, the store catches up and harasss you until you change the comment.

It is not known how these salespeople track customers or how severe the problem is. Amazon rules prohibit sellers from contacting customers outside of an email service.

In April of this year, the company stopped providing the names and postal addresses of customers in reports to external service providers.

A former Amazon employee told the newspaper that sellers use third-party tools to match customer delivery information with email addresses. Even if it violates Amazon's rules.

An Amazon spokesperson told the newspaper, “We offer sellers plenty of help, active training, warnings, etc. to ensure they continue to adhere to our clearly worded guidelines. We have set up clear guidelines for reviewers and business partners. Abuse of our community features” We suspend, prevent, and prosecute those who Violate this policy.

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