Amazon sues Chinese sellers over counterfeit products
Amazon sues Chinese sellers over counterfeit products

Amazon and GoPro sued seven Chinese citizens and two companies for distributing a floating camera processor and tripod bearing the GoPro's own logo.

In June, Amazon created a counterfeiting department to crack down on counterfeit products that plagued its massive storefront. Today it announced its first steps against counterfeit providers.

Although the lawsuit did not say how many people bought fake GoPro accessories. But he noted that some buyers were misled by counterfeit products.

One customer wrote, "I am disappointed that GoPro is offering this." I will not buy another product from this brand. Others were skeptical Another customer wrote: A GoPro can't be real because it rusts after two days.

The difference is very small because the weight of the tripod is slightly lighter than the original, the surface is rough, the buttons are smaller and the number of points in the different positions of the arm is different.

Given how easy it is to find third-party GoPro camera mounts, it's not clear why the Chinese company thinks these should be fakes. But you might think that an official logo can help them stand out.

Amazon said that after drawing attention to counterfeit products, it blocked the accounts of the defendants' sellers across the platform. He sent samples of his products to GoPro to assist with the investigation.

The head of the e-commerce giant's anti-counterfeiting division said earlier this year that referring such cases to law enforcement agencies is part of the standard process.

Although this is the first case of Amazon's counterfeit service. However, this is not the first lawsuit she has filed. The company had previously filed charges against sellers of counterfeit luxury goods.

Amazon sues Chinese sellers

The company said it had filed a joint complaint with other companies, including apparel maker HanesBrands. and Italian luxury brands Valentino and Ferragamo.

She has also worked with cosmetics brand KF Beauty. and the brand of family travel essentials from JL Childress.

It also cooperates with YETI Refrigant Manufacturing Company. and the Dutch card game company Blitz. The global publisher of the board game Asmode.

Amazon has had a problem with fakes for a long time. Other companies have already filed lawsuits against them.

Apple claimed in 2016 that 90% of Apple chargers sold on Amazon were counterfeit products.

And even after the subsequent removal of Amazon, many fakes can be found.

The company pointed out that because of their efforts, the problem may not be as big as they had imagined. In May, he published a report on trademark protection. He says the company confiscated and destroyed more than two million counterfeit products before shipping them to customers.

It also banned 10 billion bad suspicious lists before the store appeared. Less than 0.01% of all products sold on Amazon received false customer complaints.

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