Google announces a new line of Titan security keys
Google announces a new line of Titan security keys

Google has announced an update to its Titan security key suite that will make it easier by removing the product and introducing NFC to all of its keys.

The company now offers two options: one with a USB-A port and one with a USB-C port, both of which use NFC to connect to most mobile devices.

When it goes on sale on August 10, USB-A will be priced around $30 and USB-C will be priced around $35.

One of the major changes in the company's new product line is the updated USB-C switch that brings NFC support.

The company's previous USB-C option, which was developed in partnership with Yubico, does not support wireless standards.

It is now easy to choose between USB-C and USB-A because there is no function that the other does not have. So these are the available ports for the computer.

According to the company's accompanying documents, Titan Security Keys can be used to protect your Google account and third-party apps and services that support FIDO standards such as 1Password.

Even if the attacker obtains your username and password, security keys and other security keys from companies like Yubico can also act as a second proxy to protect your account.

They can also protect you from phishing because they will not check your login details on fake websites that try to steal your information.

Titan Keys are also used in conjunction with Google's Advanced Protection Program, which provides additional security for people whose accounts may be compromised.

Google updates its Titan security key set

The company's current USB-A security dongle includes NFC and retails for $25. The company's USB-A plus NFC key listed in their blog post costs $30. But it comes with a USB-C adapter.

According to the company's specifications, USB-A drives currently listed in the store will not include a USB-C adapter unless purchased as part of the package.

The company's NFC/Bluetooth/USB switch was revealed to the public in 2018 and is not sold as part of the updated product line.

The post mentioned that the company will stop selling Bluetooth models to focus on simpler, more ubiquitous NFC capabilities.

Although the updated Titan Security Key Set apparently lacks Bluetooth options. But the USB-C dongle does the NFC function very well.

The company said the Bluetooth/NFC/USB switch can still work over Bluetooth and NFC on most modern mobile devices.

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