Apple launches a major redesign of its online store
Apple launches a major redesign of its online store

Apple introduced a new experience for its online store and inherited new design elements from iOS, including product sheets, selection options, notification areas, and more.

The biggest change is the Store tab next to the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, Music, and Support categories in the navigation bar on

The company's website previously had a store poster directing users to the Apple Store. But this mechanism has been replaced by purchase links within each category.

Top Store Now: Store. The best way to buy your favorite products. There are links to contact retail experts and find nearby retail stores.

Just like the Store tab, the company has been hiding interactive listings of traditional stores in the search function of its homepage for years.

Below the welcome text is a line containing the company's most important product lines. Clicking on a product like your Mac takes you to a page of crawlers neatly arranged in a row of horizontal scrolling maps.

Each card is linked to the parameters and purchase options of a particular model, while the others are arranged directly on the page with buying guides, accessories, redemption options, discounts, parameters, support and informative user guides.

These sections can be accessed quickly from the drop-down navigation bar at the top of the page.

Apple is redesigning its online store

Returning to the main page, the "News" section displays new products, current offers, operator discounts, and more.

Below is the Help section where users can ask questions about buying from the pros, get help, or schedule Genius support appointments.

The company advertises its services through a range of cards, such as free or express delivery, store pickup, device exchange, Apple Card, Mac and Apple Watch personalization, and emoji burn.

The company appears to be pushing new curated content to the store page on a regular basis. A range of after school accessories now offers the perfect first-party products for college admissions. The other line focuses on AirTag and related accessories.

Online stores in general appear to be part of iOS, or more accurately iPadOS, with a user interface focused on gestures and extensive card usage. The design is attributed to the Apple Store app.

However, the new horizontal scroll-based navigation with a mouse or trackpad is a bit tricky. The company provides directional arrow buttons on each row for compensation.

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