Apple lets programmers create apps on the iPad
Apple lets programmers create apps on the iPad

The iPad tablet computer has evolved significantly in recent years. With accessories such as keyboard and mouse support, they can replace computers in many ways. The new iPad Pro version proves the power of Apple tablets.

And the device started to rely on the M1 main chip. It offers similar and better performance than other laptops. Apple has announced support for Swift Playgrounds 4 in the new iPad, breaking new ground for this device.

Swift Playgrounds 4 is not a new app and has been around for many years. The app is related to the Swift programming language used to program iPhone and iPad apps. The application is generally used for educational purposes.

Application programs on the iPad

The fourth version of Swift Playgrounds provides a different user experience than the previous versions. The application can act as a standalone application development tool.

The app offers useful tools for app developers. This includes the ability to display the app correctly as you type the code, and you can open the app in full screen mode to test it as if it were an app on an iPhone or iPad.

These factors help turn Swift Playgrounds 4 into a comprehensive app development and publishing tool. But Apple's plan is bigger than expected. Another update is planned for the end of the year, which will allow developers to add apps directly to the App Store after development.

This is most important for Swift Playgrounds 4 apps, especially through the iPad programming process. It enables app developers to skip the long and tedious process of launching an app in the App Store.

iPhone and iPad app programming process is not implemented in this app. Instead, it's done on the Xcode platform. It is Apple's own application programming platform and is only suitable for Mac computers and is known to be difficult to learn.

After completing the Xcode-based application process, the step of listing the application in the Store begins. It is a difficult process consisting of complex steps. In addition, users need to provide a large number of visual elements, for example b - screenshots, designs and videos that can be inserted into the application pages.

These files are uploaded to an Apple platform called App Store Connect, which app developers and even professionals describe as complex and difficult to navigate or use.

Matt Weinberg, co-founder of digital agency Happy Cog, describes Xocde as powerful and comprehensive, but very difficult to use. This situation describes dozens of developers with great ideas who are familiar with programming but who are shy about using Apple's programming environment from Xcode to App Store Connect.

Easier programming experience for Apple products

Programmers have been screaming for years for alternatives to Xcode on the iPad. The reason for this is obviously ease of use and ease of entry for new developers.

On the other hand, IPads are cheaper than Mac computers and easy to buy. Although Xcode is a huge program, it requires not only a Mac or MacBook, but also modern, high-end versions of it.

Professional developers describe the new Swift Playgrounds 4 app as a great way to change and develop software on the iPad. On the other hand, it lacks dozens of essential functions to complete the large application development process. All you have to do is develop simple apps and games like task management apps or games like Angry Birds.

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