Amazon's dream of drone delivery is slowly collapsing
Amazon's dream of drone delivery is slowly collapsing

More than 100 employees of Amazon Prime Air in the UK are out of work. Many employees from this department were transferred to other departments in the company. The Prime Air division specializes in developing drone delivery projects.

This segment began developing the service in 2016. Former members of the Amazon UK team said the project had collapsed from the inside in recent years.

These employees, who kept their identities a secret, described the department as an organized mess. And the department head is disconnected from reality, which shows that the department is not working well.

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The former department employee also told Wired that the department is facing more and more problems. Including a lack of skills in hiring and hiring people who do not even have basic professional knowledge. In addition to employees, there is sometimes a bad work ethic.

About five years ago, the focus was on the Amazon drone delivery project. These are the aforementioned drones represented by the UK's Prime Air division. The company is so proud of its project that it has offered students flights to the drone lab, opened a huge office in Cambridge, and released a series of promotional videos.

Amazon UK authorities have provided invaluable assistance. Where the license is issued and where its drones can be operated for testing purposes so that Amazon can easily obtain licenses in other countries.

Despite these successes, Amazon quickly abandoned the project. He started canceling the tours he was offering and deleting the promotional video for the service from its official channel.

An Amazon spokesperson said Prime Air's UK office would not be closed. However, he did not specify the nature of this part of the new work or the work to be done in the future.

He also said that the company was able to find alternative jobs for the employees affected by the closure of the department, but he did not reveal the number of alternative jobs or the number of employees benefiting.

Based on available information and on previous employees. The complete breakdown of the department was the result of mismanagement, negligence of staff, constant personnel changes, chaotic roles and chaotic recruitment or hiring procedures.

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