Apple needs to standardize charging ports for its devices
Apple needs to standardize charging ports for its devices

Apple relies on multiple charging ports for its different devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad Pro, the company's smartwatch, and a next-generation laptop with a new MagSafe port, you may need to use four different charging ports.

This position contradicts Apple's identity. This is because companies generally seek to simplify the user experience and standardize the way things work between devices. But the current situation is not helping, the company has to standardize the charging connections between its devices.

Charging technology in Apple products

The company relies on the Lightning charging connection as its primary charging connection. This port is used by all iPhones and the weakest iPad tablet is the iPad mini and the regular iPad. Although not used with iPad Air or Pro.

The Lightning charging port also appears on iPod touch, Apple TV controllers, MagSafe portable batteries, keyboards, and mice.

On the other hand, Apple uses a USB-C charging port for devices that need more power. These are the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Since 2015, his connected watch has been using a proprietary MagSafe charger. It also launched the MagSafe portable charger for iPhone which is the flagship of the iPhone 12.

Newer Mac computers come with MagSafe charging support. But in the form of a circular conductor. This is a 24 inch version of iMac.

MagSafe is expected in the new MacBook Pro this year and the redesign of the MacBook Air next year.

Standardization of charging technology

Apple is trying to standardize charging technology. This is based on wireless charging via the AirPower device, which should support charging all devices at the same time. However, the company did not release this charger in 2018.

Currently, each device in the company requires a separate charger. Even if only one charger is used, each device needs a different charging port than the others.

USB-C is currently the most important charging port in the world. It beats the Lightning port that Apple has been using since 2012. In fact, the company has already used this port on the MacBook and iPad versions.

If the company started using the iPhone's USB-C port, it would help them a lot. Mainly because the port can provide faster download speeds along with many other advantages including the large number of extensions that depend on it.

The company can also carry iPads without USB-C, as well as Apple TV controllers, AirPods, and MagSafe for consistency.

Apple needs to implement the same strategy for wireless charging. His smartwatch currently relies on a wireless charger that is different from the wireless charger that the iPhone relies on.

Standardizing this technology is not difficult for Apple and it will continue to grow and promote different types of MagSafe chargers.

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