Google abandons Qualcomm and makes processors for its phones
Google abandons Qualcomm and makes processors for its phones

Google has announced that it will develop its own Google Tensor smartphone processor that will power the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones in the fall.

In this case, Google will abandon Qualcomm. Apple has followed closely, using its own processors instead of Intel chips in newer computers.

Like Apple, Google uses an arm-based architecture. Arm processors have lower power consumption and are used in mobile devices across the industry, from mobile phones to tablets and laptops.

Qualcomm will continue to work closely with Google to develop current and future products based on its Snapdragon platform.

Google Tensor is developing a new smartphone that is expected to hit the market in October. It is believed that Google will provide more details about these phones as we approach the launch of these phones.

This is also a change of strategy from Google, which in recent years has focused on reducing the cost of Pixel devices rather than providing high-end cell phones. It appears that the leading phone research giant is once again trying to compete directly with Apple and Samsung.

The name Google Tensor is a reference to the company's Google Tensor processing unit for cloud computing. It is a complete system on a chip or SoC.

The company said it has greatly improved the image and video processing capabilities between phones, speech and translation.

It contains a processor dedicated to running artificial intelligence applications, as well as a processor, graphics processor, and an image signal processor.

It allows the phone to process more information about the device without having to send data to the cloud.

"The problem with Pixel is that we continue to work with available technical solutions," the company added. Google Tensor is changing what we can do on mobile phones with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Google built its own cell phone processor

The new chip helps Google phones take better photos and videos. "We have developed a computer dedicated to computational imaging," the company said.

Pixel smartphones have captured the best photos of any smartphone on the market, so this is a big deal. However, in a demo, the company showed an example of how the new chip can help reduce blur if the subject moves while taking a photo.

The same technology that Google used to enhance photos can now be used to enhance videos. She said it can't be done with other chipsets.

The company offers other examples, such as faster and more accurate text-to-speech when speaking in text messages and new subtitles that are not connected to video subtitles.

These are examples of chip resistance. But getting people to buy Pixel devices instead of an iPhone or Galaxy may not be enough.

So, Google needs to fix this issue and let people buy Pixel devices first.

The company's previous phones are very attractive. But Google has not focused on marketing to educate consumers about its existence.

Plus, he can't even convince all the major US carriers to come up with earlier models.

The company said it will make more flagship phones and is expected to do mass marketing around the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in the fall.

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