Apple only cares about user privacy not employee privacy
Apple only cares about user privacy not employee privacy

There are many problems at Apple, most of them affect employees. Apple is known for its respect for privacy and is committed to data protection in its promotional activities. There is no doubt that the anti-tracking feature is one of the most important new features of iPhones.

But the company doesn't seem to respect privacy as much as it treats employees. Former company employee Jacob Preston announced that the company asked him to link his personal account to his work account.

It was found by one of its managers and is linked to the Apple account itself, not to the social media account or any other platform. As we all know, this account contains a lot of personal information related to it. Such as iCloud backup, contacts, messages, etc.

Data protection for Apple employees

Preston was surprised by the director's request, but eventually agreed to his new position as an operating system engineer. The following years passed.

Preston later resigned after three years with Apple. According to the company's regulations, the laptop should work without erasing the contents of the hard drive.

When Preston linked his personal account to his work account, his device was filled with important personal information, some of which was highly sensitive. Of course, Preston could have erased his information, but since the hard drive is not completely erased, it can be restored.

As Preston mentioned, Apple's policies are non-negotiable and in order to continue operating Apple has no choice but to accept them.

Apple employees often use custom versions of corporate apps to test them before the final release. These posts led to her personal messages being revealed. In addition, the beta version of the Face ID facial recognition feature will automatically capture and save photos.

There is no doubt that this situation is unfair to the company's employees. If Apple does this to customers or ordinary users of the product, there will be a lot of objections and more criticism.

Apple generally prevents its employees from using iCloud on their work accounts. As a result, they are forced to use their personal accounts and link them to business accounts, as was the case with Preston.

Apple created these guidelines and rules to monitor employees and prevent leaks. Apple reserves the right to search an employee's desk at any time, including a locked drawer, and also reserves the right to search an employee's cell phone. Employees can try the app on a separate cell phone, but since it is difficult to use two cell phones at the same time, most employees tend to use personal cell phones.

Employees need to share files and documents with each other via iCloud. Since corporate accounts do not support this, they are forced to use their personal accounts. In this case, your personal Apple account must be linked to your AppleConnect account.

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