What is Microsoft Windows Hello Authentication System?
What is Microsoft Windows Hello Authentication System?

Identity verification systems play an important role in network security. It can confirm the identity of the user during sensitive operations such as calling or online payment. There is no doubt that Windows Hello is one of the most important of these.

Microsoft's authentication system, Windows Hello, verifies and verifies the identity of the user on the device and protects access to content on the device. This feature is only available on Windows devices.

The authentication system replaces the traditional password. It can be in the form of a fingerprint sensor, an iris sensor, or based on facial recognition technology. Besides, it also provides a better and smoother user experience.

Microsoft Windows Hello Authentication System

The authentication system is a great alternative to traditional passwords. Mainly because the password as an authentication method has many problems and loopholes.

One of the main problems with traditional passwords is that users tend to use easy-to-remember passwords or use the same password on multiple platforms or services. But with the presence of authentication services, the user can choose difficult and complex passwords, especially since he does not have to enter passwords often.

In fact, many companies rely on identity verification systems to replace passwords in their products. Like Apple that relies on facial or fingerprint recognition and all Android phone manufacturers.

Windows Hello plays an important role in this area. This is the basic authentication method on Windows PCs.

When using face recognition technology, the system relies on creating a 3D model of the user's face or, if iris fingerprints are selected as a means of authentication, it relies on creating a 3D model of the user's face. Fingerprints are still the easiest way.

The system is based on a security protocol introduced in 2014 called FIDO, which enables an additional level of protection when logging in based on this service. FIDO has developed over 250 companies including PayPal and Lenovo. Microsoft also contributes to its development.

Windows Hello has gradually spread to 150 million active users worldwide in May 2020. Specific hardware specifications are required to run the system. They usually come from the leading category in laptops.

This system is not in direct competition with other systems, as it is reserved exclusively for the Windows operating system. But it has indirect competitors like Face ID and Samsung's facial recognition technology. While there is a plus side to these systems, the authentication data is stored on the device and not on an external server.

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