Will Microsoft Edge Overtake Firefox Soon
Will Microsoft Edge Overtake Firefox Soon

It is true that there is fierce competition between the major web browsers Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari to reach the highest possible percentage of users throughout the year by providing many functions. But the navigator was almost at a standstill.

New data from Statcounter shows that its market share has neither increased nor decreased by more than 1.74% for all major browsers since early 2021.

However, after lowering its share of Google Chrome browser from 63.38% to 65.13% since January last year, it still leads the market with an even greater advantage.

In addition, the ranking changes associated with market share are less obvious. Safari is down 0.6%.

Firefox browser share decreased by 0.32%. But the user base of Microsoft Edge browser has grown steadily.

Microsoft Edge is getting closer and closer to Firefox

Perhaps the most exciting competition in the web browser market is Edge, which ranks third among Firefox and becomes the most used browser after Google Chrome and the second Safari.

In fact, Microsoft has focused on steady development since its launch earlier this year. It now owns 3.45% of the shares, just 0.4% more than Firefox.

The reason Microsoft Edge has grown so rapidly is due to marketing efforts and the pursuit of improvements to bring the user experience in line with other browsers.

Firefox Browser Features

The Mozilla Foundation has been trying to increase browser traffic for many years. Firefox will not be able to get close to the market leader, Google Chrome, which will encourage it to pay more attention to its new competitor, Microsoft Edge.

Browsers can compete by focusing on their main advantage, which is maintaining user privacy. Mozilla continues to improve its browser security by constantly releasing new privacy features and tools (such as built-in VPN services).

And the web browser can't challenge Google Chrome anytime soon. The battle for third place between Microsoft Edge and Firefox should be more intense.

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