Chrome OS receives eSIM and Google Meet
Chrome OS receives eSIM and Google Meet

Google has released Chrome OS version 92, which supports eSIM and comes with Google Meet, with further improvements in usability.

Over the past year, many people have used Chromebooks to connect with family and friends, and to let them chat, work or study at home.

Today we introduced new features that make it easier than ever to communicate with others via video chat or messaging.

Chrome OS receives eSIM and Google Meet

New features and improvements include:

Google Meet: Google recently converted Google Meet into a progressive PWA web app. It now bundles messaging solutions with the operating system.

Google Meet has features to make meetings more inclusive, the company said. We have also improved performance, for example adapting video calls to different network conditions and adjusting video performance when screen sharing.

Emoji is easier: Now you can bring up the Emoji keyboard by typing Home + Search + Shift + Space to use the new Emoji Picker. You can now search for emojis.

ESIM Support: Like many smartphones, Chromebooks can be charged with an eSIM. This allows users to call cellular carriers without using a physical micro SIM card, which is easy to lose.

The company says this is especially useful when you need to connect to a cellular network. However, you cannot go to a store to buy a SIM card or provide services to international travelers who frequently travel between networks.

New wallpaper: The new version of Chrome OS has added a new wallpaper called Together, with the theme of the teamwork of three black artists.

Discovery improvements: Google describes Chrome OS Discovery as an advanced form of getting help. It is designed to help new users get used to the platform and understand its various functions.

In Chrome OS version 92, Explore includes a digital magazine currently reserved for American families and children. It is available to users of the Google Family Link service.

The company said the first phase focused on game design. In addition to suggestions of apps that kids can use to learn to design and program their own games, it also includes an interview with game developer Jesse Shell.

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