Comparison between iPad Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard
Comparison between iPad Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard

The iPad tablet computer has grown exponentially in recent years, with the recently released iPad Pro and iPad Air, users can have a laptop-like user experience.

If you are using an iPad for work or study, there is no doubt that the keyboard needs to be connected to it. Especially since Apple fully supports this functionality in the iPadOS operating system for these devices, succeeding iOS.

Apple offers more than one version of the keyboard for the iPad, saving users from buying third-party keyboards while also ensuring they get big bucks as in the usual "Apple" case.

iPad keyboard

Apple offers several versions of electronic tablets. The first version is the Magic Keyboard, which takes the form of a protective cover built into the laptop's keyboard and touchpad.

In addition, Apple also offers a version called Smart Keyboard, which has a lower price and fewer features, while also supporting lower-level iPad tablets, as well as older versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

As you might expect. Magic Keyboard is the leading third-party keyboard of the company. It provides a user experience similar to the keyboard on the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Smart Keyboard represents the low end category. It has no trackpad or backlighting, lower quality, and smoother user experience.

On the other hand, the Smart Keyboard is very thin and light, and of course its price is lower. But the choice of one of the two panels depends entirely on the quality of use. If you only use the iPad for simple messaging and typing, you don't need a lot of trackpads and button quality, and vice versa.

Apple keyboards usually allow the use of strong magnets. It also allows you to set the ideal viewing position by changing the width or width of these magnetic hinges. However, the Magic Keyboard version allows different viewing modes within 130 degrees. Unlike the only two modes of the smart keyboard.

Connections and compatibility

Magic Keyboard can be connected to a device or charger via the USB-C port on the keyboard itself. On the contrary, the Smart Keyboard version does not offer this functionality.

In terms of compatibility, the Magic Keyboard, as mentioned earlier, comes in the form of a protective cover, and has been able to work normally on all versions of the iPad Pro since 2018. The same goes for smart keyboards.

On the other hand, the 2018 version of the Smart Keyboard will not work well with the new iPad Pro due to the change in the look of the device's back camera.

the price

The Magic Keyboard is available at a whopping $349 for the 12.9-inch iPad. As for the 11-inch versions, their keyboard costs $299.

The Smart Keyboard comes in two versions. The first is the Smart Keyboard Folio, which is available for 12.9-inch and 11-inch versions as well, priced at $199 and $179, respectively, and the regular Smart Keyboard version is priced at $159.

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