Why Apple might abandon the iPhone over time
Why Apple might abandon the iPhone over time

Technology is developing by leaps and bounds, and two decades ago you would not have expected such a complex device in your pocket or handbag. Since the early 1970s, Apple has been perhaps one of the most influential companies in the development of technology.

And the development process gets faster over time because it takes a long time to develop a personal computer. Although it takes less time to turn it into a laptop, just like a smartphone.

By providing a better user experience, many devices have been able to use previously used devices. This raises an important question: What happens after the smartphone? How is it replaced? You'd be surprised that Apple is ready for this.

Will Apple abandon the iPhone?

Smartphones provide a truly simple and integrated user experience. However, some devices can provide a more relaxing user experience and are undoubtedly portable devices.

Apple pays a lot of attention to this area, and Apple smartwatches are the best selling watches at the moment, outperforming all other technology companies. It also provides the best user experience and features.

With Apple Smartwatches, you can now answer emails, send texts, pay in store with NFC, and make phone calls. Simply put, once this limit is reached, it can easily be given additional features and functionality.

As well as the ability of these small devices to run applications and communicate with other devices.

Smartwatches are having a hard time replacing smartphones. But it's capable in many ways, and perhaps only the limited battery life and small screen can handle it. But with some other developments and improvements, users can leave their homes and fully rely on their smartwatches all day long.

Of course, the Apple Watch will go through the same natural evolutionary stage as smartphones.

voice command

Decades ago, science fiction films predicted that the future would depend on voice commands. Each user can direct his commands to the device and execute them by himself without any action on his part.

While that future is not fully realized yet, we will soon be walking to God with personal assistant technology like Apple's Siri.

The American giant has greatly improved its voice assistance services in recent years. If the user is currently receiving a voice call, the voice assistant can tell them the name of the caller and the text message. In addition to answering questions, coordinating appointments, and more.

augmented reality

Apple has spoken more than once about the importance of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. While the company does not yet need to launch products based on these technologies, this could be an important chapter in the company's future.

This technology allows users to access a large screen and view easy-to-read content directly through smart watches or special glasses. The iPhone's LiDAR technology may have shown us what capabilities the company has in this regard.

Over time, Apple may drop the iPhone. This company is the best to do this because of the strength of their other products and accessories, and users will be delighted with this big Apple change. But there is no doubt that it will not happen any time soon.

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