Epic Games uses Grand Theft Auto V
Epic Games uses Grand Theft Auto V

In May 2020, Epic Games was offering Grand Theft Auto V for free in its store, and the deal turned out to be so popular that the store closed for more than 8 hours.

Thanks also very much for the documents in the Epic Games v. Apple case. We now know how popular this show is.

According to the company's internal department, the game has attracted more than 7 million new users to the company's online store.

The slide also shows how many new users the company has brought to its store through other freebies.

Other games like Subnautica and Civilization 6 got a lot of subscriptions. (Just less than 1 million and 2.5 million, respectively). But the number of people who joined GTA V has reached 7 million.

However, GTA V has brought in a huge wave of new users. But the company's store still has a long way to go to catch up with its main competitor Steam.

The company announced that its business has 58 million monthly active users. But that's just below the number Valve recently reported on its Steam store, which has 120 million monthly active players.

In December 2020, Epic Games reported 56 million monthly active users. This means that the platform has added 2 million users since then.

This is a slower growth rate than the company has experienced in the past. In contrast, the number of monthly active users increased from 32 million in December 2019 to 56 million in December 2020.

Epic Games uses Grand Theft Auto V

Despite its slow growth, the company is still very attached to its platform. In addition to the news that the platform has 58 million monthly active users, the company also announced a self-published internal test across its store.

When everyone can post alone. This may open the door for more developers to host their games through the Epic Games Store, which will attract a lot of new users.

In addition, other documents describe a project called Project Moonshot, which aims to increase the company's total revenue to $1 billion through investments in major releases, free games, and big sales.

We'll likely continue to see the company's high-volume products, such as free GTA V and Borderlands 3, which were first released through the company's store (the company paid $146 million for the deal) attract players. a program.

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