Epic Games supports Fortnite by stealing ideas from other games
Epic Games supports Fortnite by stealing ideas from other games

Epic Games has added a new game mode to Fortnite. It is one of the most successful games ever. This form appeared on behalf of scammers. There are no liars. When we mention this name, we are without a doubt among us.

The new game mode not only quotes the name, but the gameplay experience is the same in all respects. In the new mode, Fortnite players try to complete missions on the ship. The two players in the group are "deceivers" who try to thwart the efforts of the other players to win.

We have the same experience between us, but it is a simple game in terms of graphics and development team. This is a small independent studio.

Fortnite quotes Among Us

US developer Innersloth said he is deeply concerned about Epic Games' public citations for its popular games. This move shows us Epic Games' intent to turn their game into a full-service game because it's just a Battle Royale game.

When trying out the new Impostors mode in Fortnite, all of the above turned out to be true. However, Epic Games did it perfectly. In addition, the tasks performed by the characters in the game are related to the overall Fortnite gaming experience, which means that they are not completely replicated.

But the idea is the same. Players complete missions and solve problems so they can repair the ships. Crooks frustrate other players in their missions. From the description, anyone can imagine how much fun this mode is, especially under the influence of Fortnite.

Epic Games guarantees an excellent gaming experience in terms of graphics and performance. In the official announcement of the new game mode, the company announced that the ship in operation will operate in a fictitious order corresponding to the enemies that appear in the game in Battle Royale mode.

Judging from the game experience and some missions on the ship, it looks like the characters are gearing up for Battle Royale upon landing. So Epic Games has made a simple connection between the original Fortnite gaming experience and the gameplay in the new mode.

This happens every time. In this new mode, not everyone agrees on a single Fortnite "customization" of the entire game. The end result may benefit the players and their fun as well, but the main sacrifices are the Innersloth studio and its games among us. So far, we have not heard of any formal lawsuits or lawsuits.

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