Facebook is hiding a report that could negatively affect it
Facebook is hiding a report that could negatively affect it

Facebook has canceled a report for the first quarter of 2021 that could have negatively impacted the social media giant for dealing with disinformation about the coronavirus on its platform.

The New York Times, which received a copy of the report, said the most viewed link in the first quarter contained a headline that could increase people's reluctance to get a coronavirus vaccine. The company canceled the report for fear of public outcry.

Earlier this month, the company released a report on the most viewed content by US users over the past quarter.

This is the first time such a report has been published. However, according to the New York Times, the company is preparing a similar report for the first quarter of 2021 but decided not to share it because it could hurt him.

The most viewed link in the first three months has a headline: Doctor was healthy two weeks after coronavirus vaccination, CDC investigating cause.

According to the New York Times, this article was published by the South Florida Sun Sentinel and republished in the Chicago Tribune.

The company is working hard to publish this report. But executives, including Alex Schultz, the company's chief marketing officer and vice president of analysis, are clearly questioning whether the report caused public relations problems. This depends on internal emails.

They eventually decided not to publish. "We are considering publishing this report very early," Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement. But as we've seen this week, we know he's getting attention. The system repair to be carried out by us has been completed.

Stone also clarified Schultz's views on whether the company should issue a report, and said Schultz requested one.

Facebook canceled the report due to concerns about public protests

This week, the company released the first report of the most viewed content on the US News Feed.

The company said the report paints the full picture and provides the most complete details people see on its platform. He added that he publishes a high-level content report every three months. From the United States, including other international data.

In addition to publishing reports on the most viewed posts. The company also has to deal with amended antitrust complaints issued by the Federal Trade Commission.

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