Amazon has a tracking device to monitor truck drivers
Amazon has a tracking device to monitor truck drivers

Amazon is turning to live monitoring of the time it takes truck drivers to deliver goods between its warehouses in order to better understand potential security breaches and a host of other data.

The company has developed its own version of electronic truck tracking technology, known as an electronic log device, to track truck drivers moving their cargo in real time.

The federal government requires electronic controls to avoid accidents of truck fatigue.

But now it turns out that the e-commerce giant is providing its partners with dedicated electronic recording devices. This means that it can directly access large amounts of data in the tool.

The company's technology, called Relay ELD — named for the relay platform for booking deliveries — collects information directly from the engine by plugging the device into the truck's diagnostic port.

It then sends the data via Bluetooth to be saved in the companion app.

ELD devices typically track the location and movement of the truck and turn it on or off. This is used to monitor the driver's working hours.

The company has not clearly confirmed that it has developed the ELD relay device. The company said that as with many solutions, we use third-party manufacturing equipment.

Relay ELD is offered to Amazon Transportation Partner Program members (they usually rent the company's trucks) and plan to have it installed on hundreds of trucks by the end of the year.

Amazon has a tracking device to monitor truck drivers

Amazon later confirmed that it had begun testing the new Relay ELD device. "We are actively investing in the security mechanisms in which we operate," she said. We recently started testing new electronic recording devices. Required by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration. Ask the exact number of drivers whether the drivers are complying with the working time regulations.

The company announced that at least six carriers that ship goods to Amazon are currently testing the new Relay ELD device. This is used to monitor compliance with HOS working hours - essentially the longest time a driver has spent on duty, including breaks.

The location and mobile data the company sees can help keep motorists taking a break from long trips. Or it can help the company make other logistical decisions.

Previous plans to install cameras in truck and trailer compartments have also raised questions about the type of surveillance the company uses.

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