Facebook protects accounts of Afghan users
Facebook protects accounts of Afghan users

Facebook has introduced new security measures for users worried about their safety in Afghanistan, as the Taliban tighten their grip on power.

Facebook's security officer said the company is taking security measures for Afghan users, including hiding friend lists and adding tools to quickly lock accounts.

In a series of tweets, Nathaniel Gleicher said the company made changes based on comments from activists, journalists and civil society groups.

When the Taliban regained control of the country last week, the organization found a way to spread information through social media. Although this is prohibited by YouTube and Facebook.

NBC News reported that Afghans who fear the Taliban have removed all images from their social media accounts and mobile phones that may have links to Western countries, the former Afghan government or the Afghan army.

Afghans can now use a tool to close social media accounts with a single click. This feature encourages users to restrict viewing by anonymous users.

Facebook protects accounts of Afghan users

He himself explained that when the account is closed, people who are not friends will not be able to upload or share photos from that account or view posts from the timeline.

He added that the company also removed the ability for users to view and search friend lists in their accounts in Afghanistan. It is supposed to protect people from attacks.

On Facebook's Instagram platform, Gleicher said the company is adding pop-up warnings in Afghanistan that include measures to protect accounts.

He also urged those who have friends and family in Afghanistan to raise their profile. And check out a number of digital security tools developed by human rights organizations to better protect their digital lives.

He himself added that the company has set up a dedicated operations center to respond to emerging threats. He said the company is closely monitoring the situation. It has to take steps to protect people in real time. He works with colleagues in industry, civil society and government to provide whatever assistance helps protect people.

The company did not reveal whether it had translated its new resources and help pages into Pashto and Dari, the two main languages ​​in Afghanistan.

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