Facebook shows your eyes through VR glasses
Facebook shows your eyes through VR glasses

Facebook researchers have discovered a way to translate your face to the front of a virtual reality headset, as new research shows that a hard screen isn't necessarily a barrier to eye contact.

And earlier this week the company released a paper on reverse pass-through virtual reality, a way to make virtual reality goggles less physically isolated.

The company's lab aims to help people see your eyes in virtual reality.

VR password refers to the goggle camera's real-time video feed display function, which allows the user to see the real world while wearing the device.

For example, the Oculus Quest platform shows users traffic information when they leave a virtual reality room.

This is useful for quickly ending the use of VR. It can also activate a form of augmented reality by adding virtual objects to the camera source.

But as the company explained, people who are close to the wearer cannot make eye contact even though the wearer can see them.

Scientist Nathan Matsuda started working on this idea in 2019 when he made a 3D display in Oculus Rift S glasses.

Facebook shows your eyes through VR glasses

The screen shows a virtual view of his face in the upper world. A special eye-tracking camera captures where Matsuda is looking so that his two iconic eyes can point in the same direction.

It turns out that Matsuda was holding a plaque with a picture of his face from afar. Matsuda developed this concept. For the next two years, he led a team to develop a more useful design.

The team's prototype glasses, which will be shown ahead of next week's SIGGRAPH meeting, will add a range of lenses and cameras to the standard VR headset display.

The camera takes pictures of the face and eyes in the glasses. His movement was determined by a digital face model. The image is then displayed on the outward-facing bright field display.

The screen is projected through thick glasses and through the eyes and produces hallucinogenic images. This is true even if you are watching the animated version in real time.

When the wearer returns to full virtual reality, the screen will turn black, indicating that he is no longer interacting with the outside world.

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