Google is rethinking its health strategy
Google is rethinking its health strategy

Google has turned to the drawing board once again to rethink its health strategy. The search giant dissolved the unified Google Health division that was founded in 2018 and instead takes a distributed approach to health product development.

Division President David Feinberg will leave the company to serve as President and CEO of Cerner for Healthcare IT.

Although, an unknown percentage of Google Health reps sent to other company teams (such as Search and Fitbit) for certain services.

This marked the chaotic end of a chaotic initiative. In the past few years, tech giants like Google and Apple have become increasingly interested in the healthcare industry. But they failed to establish an internal pathway in such an ecosystem.

Google's health efforts are at least correctly differentiated. It covers everything from Android fitness apps, AI-based eye disease detectors, failed data transactions, medical research apps, and the Nest Hub's sleep tracking capabilities to the machine learning tools of Nest Hub doctors.

Google Health should combine these efforts. Giving a sense of mission and direction to the company's great ambitions.

Google dismantles the Ministry of Health

The Google Health brand dates back to 2006. But the company appears to have taken a more serious approach than what David Feinberg took in 2018.

Feinberg's goal is to take over stewardship of Google's decentralized health plan. Commercial activities overlapped at that time.

As the latest news shows, no use. The Google Health tag continues, too.

Jeff Dean, the company's senior vice president of research and health, said the division would no longer operate as a unified organization. Instead, the team that created the medical records search platform reported to the doctor directly.

Although the health plan focuses on artificial intelligence, it reports to Yossi Matias, the company's vice president of research and artificial intelligence.

Karen DiSalvo, the company's director of health, now works under Kent Walker, the company's legal director.

The company said Google Health is no longer just a team. However, many of our products are associated with a major company-wide effort. From now on, the name Google Health will include all of our health plans.

If you use one of the company's existing health products, this basic experience can continue as before.

However, it remains to be seen if the search giant can offer anything more beneficial than its health strategy.

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