Tik Tok is building its own augmented reality development platform
Tik Tok is building its own augmented reality development platform

TikTok is testing a new experimental creative toolkit for developer tools that will one day allow content creators to create AR effects for popular apps.

The package is called Effect Studio and is currently in private testing. The platform said that Effect Studio is currently only an experiment and may not be fully launched.

Both Facebook and Snapchat offer tools that developers can use to create augmented reality experiences and features for their app series.

Chinese platforms are now trying to do the same. Via a new website called Effect House, the platform is asking interested developers to sign up to use Effect Studio as soon as possible.

In the form provided, developers fill in their name, email address, platform account information, business experience, augmented reality, and examples of their work.

The site also asked them if they use a Mac or Windows PC (you can see which desktop platform to prioritize) and if they're testing Effect House for work or personal use.

The platform confirmed the launch of the site in early August. However, the project itself is still in the early stages of testing in a few select markets, including the United States.

The company cannot provide a timetable for when these tools will become more widely available. Instead, Effect Studio describes it as a raw experience. He added that some of his experiences never came. In addition, other tests can change significantly between the initial testing phase and later become a general purpose product.

However, the introduction of augmented reality toolkit makes TikTok more competitive against competitors in the same industry. Today, they rely on the creative community to add new functionality and experiences to the functionality of their apps.

TikTok is testing new development tools for augmented reality

For example, last year Snapchat launched a $3.5 million fund to develop the Snapchat AR Lens.

At the same time, the company announced at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference in June that it had developed the Spark AR platform for more than 600,000 content creators in 190 countries/regions, making it the largest augmented reality mobile platform in the world.

TikTok has also increased its investment in developer tools over the past two years. However, it has recently focused on toolkits for third-party developers who want to integrate more closely with the platform in their applications.

The TikTok developer website provides access to tools for app makers to add platform features like user authentication, voice sharing, and more to their apps. It enables users to post videos from third-party editing apps to the platform.

However, Effect Studio is not intended for use with third-party applications. Instead, it is about creating augmented reality experiences directly available to users of the platform in video applications.

A spokesperson for the platform said: “We are constantly thinking of new ways to add value to the community and enrich the TikTok experience. We are currently trying to give YouTubers more tools to bring their ideas to life in our community to wake them up.

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