Google plans to customize its App Store ratings
Google plans to customize its App Store ratings

Google has announced changes to the way app ratings are calculated and displayed in the Play Store that will make them more useful and convenient for users and developers.

Rather than an individual evaluation of the entire application, it can have different variations and relative quality levels depending on the device. The company plans to break it down based on the specific rating of the country your device is registered in and the specific rating of the device you use to search its store.

There are obvious reasons this change could be beneficial. First, due to national laws and the Android market sector, not all apps offer the same functionality or functionality everywhere. Second, some apps don't work well on large tablets or foldable devices.

The company has bigger problems than cell phones. Thus, specific comments on alternative formats mean that if you download something for your tablet that may not work properly, you will receive a warning beforehand because you will remember that it will work on your phone.

The company plans to roll out the country rankings in November and 2022 (this applies to tablets, foldable devices, Chrome OS devices, Wear OS devices, or Android Auto devices).

If the new method of rating ratings changes the rating of their apps, the company will also notify developers of these changes in advance.

Google plans to customize its App Store ratings

The company said it must be at least 10 weeks in advance before making any changes to the business. We automatically analyze changes that may occur in your application. We will contact any developer who can see a change of more than 0.2 stars on any type of device in the main market. If you would like to make substantial changes to your application, we will give you this time to plan.

Both changes should be beneficial. But above all for upcoming material formats.

Foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are becoming increasingly popular, but not all apps are suitable.

There is now a stronger motivation for this, otherwise people who use the app on these devices will face lower scores.

As part of Google's announcement, the company also offered developers additional data and storage metrics for navigating the Google Play Console. Including device type stats that are categorized based on the device using the app.

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