Instagram has removed the swipe up link for Stories
Instagram has removed the swipe up link for Stories

As part of its ongoing effort to increase story engagement, Instagram is changing the way external links are shared as part of Stories, removing the existing scroll link from the entire process and replacing it with the link sticker option.

The platform confirmed that anyone who currently has access to the story slide link will be able to access the new link label, and the story slide link will disappear by the end of this month.

According to the notification, those who currently have access to the scroll link will receive the link label. What the platform says offers a number of advantages:

  •     Simplified story creation experience: Story stickers like donations, music, polls, and instant links help you better express yourself and share the content that matters to you across the platform.
  •     Add Creative Control: Stickers work just like other stickers (like questions, polls, websites) and give the creators more control. They can be swapped into different styles, resized, and positioned anywhere in the story for maximum effect.
  •     More engagement: Users can get quick comments and replies to posts via link tags. As with any other shared story, you cannot use the scroll up link to get feedback.

This update builds on the tests the company started earlier this summer. In June, the platform began testing these stickers for many users, not just those who were allowed to scroll up. (Users must be validated or have at least 10,000 subscribers to pass fast access).

Instagram has removed the swipe up link for Stories

Vishal Shah, the former lead producer for Instagram, said in the test that these stickers were more suitable for using the platform today. He added that the goal was to increase the spread of the poster.

Besides the obvious difference, the main difference between these two features is the gesture. Because viewers can reply to stories with link tags. But they could not respond to the date scroll.

In this new release, the platform makes it clear that integrity and security are the main concerns. It monitors the links people share with this option to make sure they don't get to other places that spread misinformation.

Therefore, the platform should gradually introduce link tags. To assess whether access to additional accounts will be expanded in the future.

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