Google is testing YouTube Premium Lite
Google is testing YouTube Premium Lite

Google is experimenting with a low-cost premium YouTube subscription that offers ad-free ads without the need for other advanced YouTube features like offline downloads or background play.

The new Premium Lite plan was recently spotted, and YouTube later confirmed the demo in a statement. Premium Lite is currently being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Premium Lite plan means that users who are not interested in offline or background downloads can enjoy YouTube videos through web and mobile apps without being bothered by ads.

A YouTube spokesperson said in a statement: “In Northern Europe and the Benelux countries (excluding Iceland), we are testing a new product to give users more choices.

He added: The cost of the Premium Lite plan is about 6.99 euros per month, or the local equivalent per month. Contains YouTube videos without ads

On the other hand, the current YouTube paid tariff costs €11.99 per month in Europe.

Google is testing YouTube Premium Lite

The Premium Lite package includes ad-free viewing across the leading YouTube web app, iOS, Android, Smart TV and game platforms, as well as the YouTube Kids app.

However, the program does not include YouTube Music benefits such as ad-free listening. It does not include any other advanced features either. It's like playing in the background (if you want to switch to another app while listening to audio from a YouTube video) or downloading offline.

Talking about people who don't want to see a lot of YouTube ads and are less interested in other advanced features like offline downloads. Premium Lite seems like a helpful suggestion.

But at the current price, it costs about 60% of the price of a regular premium subscription and offers only about a quarter of its benefits.

According to the Google platform, the current subscription is in beta. He plans to release more plans based on public comments.

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