Instagram allows you to limit direct messages and comments
Instagram allows you to limit direct messages and comments

Instagram has announced new features to protect users from abuse on Instagram, including the ability for users to limit comments and direct message requests during times of high interest and to issue stronger warnings when users attempt to post potentially offensive comments.

The company has also introduced a worldwide "Hidden Words" feature, which allows users to filter out abusive direct message requests.

"It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone feels safe on the platform," the company said. We do not allow hate speech or bullying language on the platform and will remove it if we find it.

"We also want to protect people from this type of abuse first and foremost, so we continue to listen to expert and community feedback," she added. We are developing new features to give users more control over their experience across the platform. And help protect them from abuse.

To protect people from encountering or anticipating offensive comments and messages, the platform recently introduced restrictions, a handy feature that can automatically hide comments and direct message requests from people.

The platform developed this feature because content creators and public figures sometimes encounter a sudden increase in requests for comments and instant messages from people they don't know.

In many cases this rise is the result of admiration. But sometimes it can also mean unwanted comments or messages.

The company's research shows that many negative public figures come from those who do not follow public figures or have been following public figures recently.

Instagram allows you to limit direct messages and comments

The company said its creators told us they didn't want to stop commenting and sharing altogether. They always want to listen to the community's opinions and build those relationships. The restriction feature allows you to listen to the opinions of long-time subscribers while restricting communications from people who can access your account to find you.

The platform is also exploring ways to limit when you might experience a sudden wave of comments and direct messages until you are asked to turn on restrictions.

In addition, the platform has expanded the Hidden Words feature, introduced in April, which allows users to automatically filter direct messages containing offensive words, phrases, and emojis and move them to hidden folders.

The feature now includes a larger list of potentially offensive words, emojis, and hashtags.

The app will also issue stricter warnings to people who try to post offensive comments. When they try multiple times to post potentially offensive comments. The platform displays stronger warnings to remind them of their community guidelines and warn them that their comments could be removed or hidden if they continue to do so.

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