Is Apple turning the iPhone mini into a foldable phone?
Is Apple turning the iPhone mini into a foldable phone?

Apple users are accustomed to using small compact phones. But all of a sudden he started offering phones like the iPhone X, and then bigger and bigger versions. Users accustomed to small phones expected a phone that would meet their needs.

Finally, the company remembered these users with the new iPhone SE and iPhone 12 Mini. These phones offer compact size and innovative specifications.

But the sales results are not perfect. Because the iPhone 12 mini version is the lowest selling in the series. It accounts for only 5% of sales while the older iPhone 11 accounts for more than 23%.

Apple iPhone mini turns into a foldable phone

The Cupertino giant has undoubtedly noted that the iPhone 12 mini is not a huge hit. As a result, there are reports that Apple will release an additional version of this phone. This is an iPhone 13 mini. Then Apple will definitely reduce this size.

The company may already realize that users are not interested in small phones. But this is not the case. The results of 5,500 votes showed that 48% of voters are still interested in phones with small screens, especially phones less than 6.2 inches.

Although the number of participants in this vote was not important. However, it tells us that small phones are not a problem. But perhaps the look Apple has presented is annoying.

iPhone 12 mini had a number of issues, most notably the low battery capacity and small size. A large part of the users who want to own a small phone have mentioned that this phone is too small.

All these factors led to the belief that Apple's next small phone after the iPhone 13 mini would be a foldable phone. Similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It is a small phone when folded and the screen size when opened is 6.7 inches.

In addition, the size of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is very convenient for one-handed operation, as it is not spacious. Many analysts predicted the success of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and its ability to replace phones like the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Of course, Apple has not confirmed or even hinted at the possibility of releasing foldable phones with these specifications. However, this idea can be the best idea to save a small phone. In addition, Guo Mingchi, a well-known Apple pioneer, has confirmed that we will see foldable Apple phones starting in 2023.

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