Microsoft launches new wired headphones
Microsoft launches new wired headphones

After the successful launch of the first Xbox Wireless Headset, Microsoft released an updated Xbox Wired Stereo Headset worth $59.99.

The main difference is the cost, which is much lower than the $100 premium wireless headset launched in early 2021.

The new headset promises all your Xbox product expectations such as performance, great features, quality and affordability to deliver an immersive experience on all platforms, computers and mobile devices.

Based on the design of the Xbox Wireless Headset, the Xbox Wired Headset offers a flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable, padded headband and a wide, soft earbud to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions.

The Xbox Stereo Wired Headset will be released on September 21st. As expected, some features are missing. But from a design point of view, there won't be many compromises.

You can adjust the volume by rotating the rotary controller on the outside of the right ear. There is a mute button on the back of the flexible microphone that mirrors the effect you get with the wireless version.

The updated Xbox wired headset doesn't seem to have a chat or game audio mixing disc on the left headset for noise cancellation as it does on more expensive models. But it is not a big loss because of the price difference.

The updated Xbox Wired Headset connects to the Xbox console using a dark green cable and a 3.5mm connector. This means that you can use it with other devices and platforms that support this port.

You can also use an adapter to connect it to a mobile phone or tablet that does not have a dedicated headphone jack.

Microsoft launches Xbox Stereo Headset

The company said that this new speaker supports spatial audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS:X and can also deliver mid-to-high frequencies and powerful bass.

When the sound quality is the same as the wireless version. Many gamers should be satisfied with this $59.99 model.

The Xbox Stereo Wired Headset is now available for pre-order at the company's store. According to Microsoft, it can also be purchased from other retailers.

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