Microsoft may expand the Apps feature to the Your Phone app
Microsoft may expand the Apps feature to the Your Phone app

After Microsoft gave up trying to develop its mobile platform, Microsoft turned to better integrating Windows with Android and iOS.

Since not all phones or mobile platforms are created equal, Microsoft has reached an agreement with Samsung about further integration into only a select number of Galaxy phones.

Your phone was first released in 2018 and has since received new features to provide a better experience for mobile users on Windows 10 devices.

The app from the software giant called Your Phone has a lot of features depending on the type of your phone. One of them is Link to Windows, which allows you to seamlessly transfer files between Android phones and Windows devices.

On the other hand, the phone screen feature mirrors your entire phone screen on your desktop so you can interact with it while keeping your phone away.

Microsoft can extend the functionality of the application

There is also an app feature that basically allows you to access the Android apps that are installed on your PC.

Also, you can add these Android apps as favorites on your PC and pin them to the start menu and taskbar.

You can also open these applications in separate windows and use them simultaneously with computer applications.

However, like the other features, the capabilities of your phone apps are unique to the latest Samsung flagships. It also gives you additional permissions, for example the ability to run multiple apps at the same time.

The new information indicates that the list of phones supported by the Your Phone app feature may be expanding.

The screenshot shows that the Galaxy A52 can access the list of bootable apps at any time.

Galaxy A52 supports phone screen and Windows link functions, which can also be seen in screenshots. This is not an RCS app or message.

There is still some confusion about the meaning of this. Microsoft may add more Galaxy phones to its compatibility list, or the software giant may roll out the feature to phones outside of Samsung's product line.

However, this requires the company to charge your phone to external devices. Either way, other Android smartphones will support this feature soon.

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