Netflix is ​​testing Android games in Poland
Netflix is ​​testing Android games in Poland

Netflix has announced that it is taking a new step into the gaming world by allowing its Polish members to use two Stranger Things games in its Android app for mobile game testing.

"Polish members can play two games - Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3 - try out Netflix games on Android devices - all of these games are part of their membership," a spokesperson for the platform said in a statement.

"It's too early," he added. We're working hard to deliver the best ad-free and in-app purchases experience in the coming months.

You can learn more about the game through tweets from the Polish company's team. Available games are displayed on your home page. If you click on the game icon, you can read more about the game and then click on the download button which will take you to the Google Play Store to download it. You can also find the games yourself through Google Play.

When you open the game after downloading it and trying to play it, the system will ask you to login to your account on the streaming platform. This is before you can start playing. This means that the game will not be streamed to your device, but will be downloaded.

Over the years, the company has increased its investment in gaming. He sees the possibilities of a greater world of entertainment in terms of his most popular shows.

At the E3 2019 gaming conference, the platform outlined a number of game integrations on popular platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite, as well as plans to release new Stranger Things games.

Netflix is ​​testing Android games in Poland

In July, the platform provided some pointers about its game plan. Former EA and Oculus executives have been appointed to lead the company's gaming operations. He said his initial strategy was mostly focused on mobile games.

Users who subscribe to the platform can also get games for free. It was designed to allow the company to provide Netflix subscribers with a selection of mobile games similar to Apple Arcade.

It is reported that this is not the first time that the streaming platform has tested games. The service offers interactive games like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Carmen Sandigo: Steal or Don't Steal.

Before closing the studio, the company worked with Telltale, the video game company behind the popular game "The Walking Dead," to develop several Stranger Things projects.

The test aims to better understand how mobile gaming affects platform members. In addition to identifying other improvements that may need to be made to general functionality.

With an active mobile gaming audience, Poland was chosen as the first beta market. However, it is not clear when subscribers to streaming platforms outside Poland or on different device platforms will be able to experience this feature.

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