Snapchat announces new updates to its Scan tool
Snapchat announces new updates to its Scan tool

Snapchat has announced a new update to its Scan tool that adds more ways to use the Snap camera to reveal more information and enable more direct actions based on what you see.

The platform added scanning options for the first time two years ago and offers its users another way to collect information through the app.

While it did not become the primary tool, the company continued to add new features to the tool over time.

As people are now accustomed to scanning barcodes as part of their coronavirus tracing task, this process is becoming more and more routine. The platform thus provides more options for analysis tools.

The platform initially puts the scanning function directly on the main screen of the app's camera, which makes the scanning function more focused. There is now a clear option in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the application.

The platform said: This update places the scan button in the front and center of the main camera. This makes it easy to find interesting and useful experiences in categories such as fashion, food, and plants.

This will inspire more users to try to scan and see the features provided by the tool, leading to increased adoption and usage.

In addition, the platform also introduces a new shopping experience directly through scanning, which makes it possible to assign specific products based on scanned product images.

Snapchat announces new updates to its Scan tool

Like most social platforms, Snapchat is slowly moving towards e-commerce, allowing for more direct in-app purchases.

The company is focusing on augmented reality in this regard with advanced experience tools and digital zoom options, while also looking to incorporate more digital clothing options such as products with Bitmoji characters.

This shows that people are increasingly interested in the concept of virtual objects and metaverses, and that your digital avatar is becoming more and more representative of you.

In addition, users of the platform can also use scanning to browse photos that have already been taken, not just new photos taken in the application.

"People love to take screenshots of what they see online and then come back to search, and with Scan it's easier than ever for us," the company said. Simply click on the screenshot and use the scanning technology to find and buy clothes with 'memory' shopping.

New purchase items in Scan will be introduced in phases on iOS and Android. Plan to shop at Memories in the coming months.

The platform also introduced a new camera shortcut feature for all users. “Camera shortcuts suggest camera modes, lenses, and soundtracks that relate to what can be seen through the Snapchat camera,” she said. Today, Camera Shortcuts were introduced to all iOS users around the world.

The development of Scan goes hand in hand with the transition to augmented reality and the incorporation of digital content into a real world view.

The platform indicated that the digitization project can be integrated into the experience of glasses that fully support augmented reality.

"As Scan continues to evolve, we are building the next generation of computers from a consumer perspective," she said. When people connect with friends and explore the world, information and entertainment are instantly accessible.

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